🙋🏻‍♀️ , I'm currently UX Designer 

at MX Player!



 I thoughtfully design user-centric human experiences, run usability tests and conduct user interviews. I believe in lifelong learning and always explore 

different fields that interest me.


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Chat with me about anything related to-

01. Design💻

In my 5 years journey of being a design student to a UX Designer, I have learnt one thing that design is the past, the present and the future. Let's have a chat and I'll tell you my story as a designer!                                

02. Plants🌿

Plants make me happy and it's my fun new hobby. Keeping them alive is a challenge and I’m constantly learning things to do and not to do.

03. Books📚

I mostly read books related to personal growth, design and finance. I try to finish one book a week and am always looking for the right books to read.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for books!

04. Illustration🖌️

Whenever I am not designing I pick up my iPad and start illustrating. I illustrate plants in different form, colour and situation. See my Instagram Account @mishi_illustrates  for my illustrations.

05. Travel✈️

It gives me the greatest stories, my most cherished memories and countless irreplaceable learnings. 

I would love to know about your travel experience and learnings. 


06. Photography📸

Photography was one of my subjects in college and from there only I generated interest in capturing moments. Do head to my Instagram Account 

@arushi_nayan to see some of my photography. 

07. Fashion👠

I have also studied fashion design in my college and I believe that its a way to express ones indivisuality and uniquenes.

Let me know your fashion choices!!👜👗 

08. Home Decor🏠

The area which I have just started to love and have worked with 2-3 homemakers and decorated their house as well as mine.

Do let me know if you have some ideas for home decor!

  • YouTube
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Looking forward to work with some amazing humans on some impactful projects.