Arushi Nayan

HomeLane Auto

Internship Project

Role - Visual Design, UI/UX 

Duration - 2 weeks

Brief : This project was done during my internship and my company was into home interior design, so the task was to design a mobile application through which people can design their home interior to generate a quote. As users had very limited time and they were not able to come to the design partners ( people who design home interior on behalf of users) so this was the idea to save their time.​

Problem Identification


I downloaded home décor games and I tested it on few users and the main issue was that people were not used to such type of application and they had no idea of 3d modeling.​


This application has a questionnaire in the beginning so that the home could be customized according to the user. So, the biggest challenge was to minimize the number of questions so that the user does not drop off.


  • Each member of the design team was given this project, everyone had to do it in their way. Then we had a feedback session twice a week and we iterated the designs accordingly. In the end, we were supposed to have a cluster of ideas and the best parts were picked from each one's project.

  • My process started by empathizing with the users, through observations and one to one interviews. Then I did user study to gain insights.

  • I did market research and tested a few applications on the users to know which one suited and where they were facing problems. Then I identified the right problem and started digging deeper through user journey mapping.

  • Then I did brainstorming and brainwriting for ideations took feedback and started making quick prototypes. The prototypes went through multiple iterations as per the feedback given by my team members.


The questionnaire is set for getting all the information about the customer's house and for customising according to there needs. The options for furniture would be given in the app according to the answers given by the users. For example, if they choose a minimal theme so all the designs shown would be inspired by the same theme. Also, this questionnaire is set with answers, so the users only need to click the options suitable for his/her choice rather than thinking and then answering

The minimum number of questions required for customizing the home is taken into consideration. The questions were decided by interacting with the design team and the users.


I followed a guideline to come up to the solution, which was the app would be :

  • Easy to use

  • Would have game-like feature and would be fun to use.

  • Customize according to people's persona. 

  • Ask's questions that could be answered in seconds.

  • Guide the user for next steps so that the user doesn't get confused

  • Creates a feeling of joy in users mind that they can design their home on their own. 


As the company uses their software for rendering. So, the renderings of the 3D models were not of very good quality.


The most challenging part was to make this application game like with minimal questions. I learned that human-like being in control, they have a limited short term memory and they love things that are simple.

If I had more time I'd like to make a portrait version of this app with better visual aesthesis. Most people generally